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Instructions for speakers

Author Title
L. Rossi
Welcome and scope of the workshop (presentation)
L. Bottura
SC magnets for Future HEHIHB Colliders (presentation)
D Leroy
Requirements on Sc materials, strands and cables for the future needs (presentation)
E Salpietro
The ITER SC magnets program (presentation)
A Yamamoto

Status and plan for superconducting magnet development at KEK (presentation)

J Strait

The USA LARP high field magnet program (presentation)

R Scanlan

The USA experience on Nb3Sn and Bi-based superconductors and future plans (presentation)

D Larbalestier
Wisconsin Uni

Thoughts on the competitive merits of Nb3Sn, Nb-Ti-Ta and MgB2 (presentation)

V Pantsyrnyi

Nb3Sn and HF material development at the Bochvar Institute (presentation)

T Takeuchi

Status and perspective of the Nb3Al development in Japan (presentation)

D Uglietti
Geneva Uni

Strain dependence of jc in Nb3Sn, MgB2 and Bi,Pb(2223) (presentation)

JL Duchateau

The Nb3Sn for ITER and CEA activities (presentation)

A Della Corte
The activities of ENEA on superconductor development (presentation)
HC Freyhardt
Goettingen Uni
Panorama of the coated conductor developments in EU (presentation)
G. Grasso
Bi-2223 developments at INFM-Genova (presentation)
S. Schlachter
Status and perspectives of MgB2 (presentation)
R. Musenich
The INFN research program on MgB2 (presentation)
R. Fluekiger
Geneva Uni
Nb3Sn and MgB2 developments in Geneva (presentation)
Ch. Verwaerde
Alstom plan and activities on LTS and Nb3Sn materials (presentation)
SMI activities and plans on PIT Nb3Sn (presentation)
H. Krauth
EAS activities and plans on LTS and HTS (presentation)
R. Liikamaa
OK-EM activities and plans on LTS and HTS materials (presentation)
J. Bock
Nexans activites and plans on HTS materials (presentation)
G. Grasso
Columbus activities and plans on MgB2 (presentation)
S. Zannella
The activities and plans of Edison on HTS and MgB2 (presentation)
J. Rieger
Siemens activities in superconductivity (presentation)
R. Scanlan
How to collaborate in a frame of Industrial competition? The US-DOE model (presentation)
P Bruzzone
How to collaborate in a frame of Industrial competition? The ITER model (presentation)
R. Scanlan
Rutherford cables for High Field in the US (presentation)
P. Bruzzone
High Field cables development for ITER (presentation)
D. Leroy
Cable design and R&D for NED (presentation)
A. Ghosh
Cable design for pulsed Sc magnets (cos-theta design) (presentation)
A. Kovalenko
Cable design and related issues in the superferric design (presentation)
F. Schmidt
Review of transmission line cables (presentation)
A. den Ouden
Twente Uni
Review of capabilities and measuring facilities in EU laboratories (presentation)
E. Baynham
Nb3Sn Accelerator magnets - Insulation technology review (presentation)
S. Gourlay
The point of view of the winding technique wrt Sc and cable properties (presentation)
L. Rossi
Summary and conclusions (presentation)

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Instructions for speakers

Dear Workshop Speaker,
     as an optimal mean to document the material presented at the workshop, as well as the work behind your presentation, we are planning to have a set of proceedings of the workshop published as a CERN report (Yellow Report).

WAMS is a workshop reporting on status as well as on-going work, and you should feel free to include in the manuscript both novel work as well as relevant material already published (e.g. previous journal papers). In this case, however, we require that you provide us a copyright release for the figures, tables, and in general material already appeared in previous publications.

Although there will be no formal review procedure, we still wish to make sure that the overall standard of the presentation, as well as the format of the paper, complies with the general guidelines for CERN publications. For this reason we would kindly ask you to adhere as close as practical to the guidelines reported at:

The length of the manuscript should not exceed 20 single-sided, typeset A4 pages.
Deadline for submission is at the workshop, on March 23rd. Please bring an electronic version of the file with you (CD, USB Flash Memory, diskette, PC-card) or mail it to the workshop secretariat (

Editing will be completely electronic. Nonetheless, to help our editing work, we would like you to bring one paper copy of the contribution that we will use as a master in case of any doubts on the formatting of the final publication.
Do not hesitate to contact me ( or the workshop secretariat in case of queries both on the content and on the format of your paper.

Kind regards,

Luca Bottura