Workshop on:

Beam-generated heat deposition
and quench levels in LHC magnets

3-4 March 2005, CERN, Building 40/S2-A01



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The workshop is organised in the frame of the CARE-HHH-AMT network scope of assessing the stability margin of the ultimate LHC and validation of design for the LHC upgrade.


The workshop will specifically address, in particular in the IR regions, the implication of the LHC upgrade in luminosity. In this respect evaluation of the thermal transfer and superconductor stability, through modeling and experiments, as well as comparison among codes are an important part of the workshop.


This workshop will address quench margins, for nominal and ultimate parameters, taking into account the as-built parameters for different type of magnets, taking into account different operating temperatures, taking into account spatial and temporal distribution of beam losses, and taking into account other beam related heat loads.


The experience on quench levels from magnet operation at CERN, and from beam and magnet operation at other labs will be presented.


Models and simulation tools (tools to calculate nuclear cascades, tools to predict quench levels) will be discussed and R & D actions will be identified.


The exchanges of information should provide a useful common starting point and a common language to make possible a profitable contribution to this tasks by the various labs collaborating with through CARE, LARP, etc.




R.Assmann, L.Rossi, A.Siemko and R.Schmidt


Scientific secretary