Associated General HHH Meeting
All three working packages


11 November - Salle du conseil (bldg. 503-1-001)


Agenda & Proceedings


h16.00                    Welcome, agenda of the meeting

h16.10                    Report of Hamburg CARE meeting: status HHH in general (pdf)
(Walter Scandale)

h16.50                    Report of Hamburg CARE meeting: status of NED (ppt file)
(Arnaud Devred)

h17.30                    Discussion guided by S. Peggs on LARP-CARE integration and « straw man » optics design for the LHC-upgrade.(ppt file)

h17.50                    Examine synergy among various HHH Working Package and also with NED (that has working group that partially overlaps with the one that were foreseen in the AMT, for example quench)

h18.20                    Issue on money: how we are in spending, issue on procedure, etc.

h18.45                    Closing general HHH meeting.


(Summary of discussion: work in progress ...)


CARE HHH Network

Working Package n. 1 – AMT
(Accelerator Magnet technology)

Meeting of 12 November at CERN
Salle du Conseil (bldg. 503-1-001)

(open to anyone in HHH)


Agenda and Proceedings


(note that time for talk includes 5-10 minutes discussion!)

09:00 L. Rossi (CERN) + representatives Welcome and Presentation new labs entering into HHH-AMT (EFDA, Univ. of Geneva, TAMU)
09:05 E. Salpietro
(EFDA Garching)
Dipole Project for Fusion : Scope, parameters, planning. Strategy of EFDA for ITER: relevance for HEP (PowerPoint Presentation)
09:35 S. Gourlay (LBNL) Status and next two year programs of LARP-Magnets and US basic program (ppt presentation)
10:05 P. Wanderer (BNL) Progress toward an open midplane dipole (ppt presentation)
10:30 R. Fluckiger
The novel 21 T large solenoid in University of Geneva and new equipments for conductor development and characterizations (Aucun titre de diapositive)
coffee break
11:15 P. McIntyre
Very High Field Magnet design: novelties for a Super-LHC beyond 20 T (ppt)

Program of the HHH-AMT working package for next 18 months:

-          data base  on Sc properties

-          quench codes and comparison

-          design issue of NED

-          List of Meetings/workshops (including NED and general HHH)

-          Dissemination of information (NED report, use of website)

14:00 R. Schmidt Stability limit and beam losses: addressing issue of the present LHC arc, LHC IR: preparation of a topical workshop.
14:20 R. Schmidt, L Rossi Discussion: on the previous talk by R Schmidt
14:45 G. Moritz  W. Scandale Discussion: the pulsed magnets road map: GSI and CERN injector (roadmap, summary of discussion)
15:30 D. Leroy and L. Rossi) Discussion: Organising a European conductor roadmap for HEP: NED and low field (ppt)



NOTE: who is not a registered guest of CERN, must send a confirmation of participation to (cc to such as he/she will find the permission at the entrance. In case you do forget this, at the reception you can try to mention CARE-HHH meeting and if not enough, ask the receptionist to call Ms Bosteels (tel 75764 or 16-0556). The “Salle du Conseil” is just near the main building (and the main canteen)